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Learn How To Create The Reality You Truly Want!

Create The Reality You Truly Want!

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You won’t regret it!

Have you ever wanted to be in total control of your reality?

Through this course, you will learn exactly what I did in 2017 to manifest everything we manifested!

We did so much manifesting I even manifested a reality show that will be aired in August 2018!!!

I am SOOOO excited to share my secrets and help you take control over your reality and start manifesting almost on demand!


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About Your Instructor

Sandra Crespo

Sandra Crespo


I am a full time adventurer, blogger, author, teacher, student and most importantly a mother. I am currently traveling the entire US with my family in our beautiful fifth wheel. I absolutely love writing myself and helping others. I have an Associates and Bachelors degree and graduated from my University with a 4.0 GPA so I promise to give you my all in this course!

I am so passionate about helping others either in their blogging journey or their e-book journey! I want to help you avoid some of the headaches I had when I first began blogging and when I published our first 2 books in less than 30 days!

If you do the e-book course I will teach you how I managed to get 1 of the books in the top 100 in 2 different categories on Amazon.

My goal is to take you by the hand and help make your life easier!

I am excited to help you in either course you choose and work together as a team!

I look forward to meeting you!



What To Expect:

Powerful Transformation Exercises

Truly hone into the Law of Attraction

Tap into the correct feelings to attract your desire

Become 100% Confident

Step into your power

Feel happier and more grounded


Sandra's class was an awesome experience for me!! Not only is she my BFF and great business partner, she has a gift! And we always called her Mother Teresa and I now see why this is her calling. During her class, I felt more empowered, really learned how to calm down and just let go of things I cant control at the moment, and manifest what I truly want. While I took the course I was focused on two things I wanted to manifest. Well one already became a reality because I practiced everything Sandra taught without missing a step in less then a week of the class being over! Still working on the rest as I know, I myself am the one that puts my not so manifesting thoughts in the way, but it's all about learning these techniques and then using them constantly until it becomes a habit. I look forward to more good manifesting in my life, and I cant thank my beautiful friend for putting this course together. You need to take this class!
Yhennifer Mendes CEO @ Online Mom Empress
Sandra's manifesting course was so much more than I expected! I've really learned how to become aware of how I am truly Feeling in each moment. This intense focus on being aware of how I feel and what I'm attracting into my life, put me right on the path to an amazing new job! On the 7th day of her course I landed the job  I'm attracting even MORE good things into my life Daily! If happiness is your goal? Take this course, you will not regret it
Chelsey Brents
This manifesting bootcamp has led me to believe in the power that I have inside myself. Every person needs to hear and learn what Sandra shares. Sandra's positive vibes always left me with such a good feeling inside that I have continued meditating and studying the art of manifesting.
Audri Gallegos


I took Sandra’s manifesting course really just wanting to have a better understanding if Manifestation, and boy did I! I got such an education my manifestation skills got supercharged!! I went into the class with just one goal but that soon became too small. I came in looking for the funds to get to my first international speaking engagement. Through the short time of the class I was given two more paid speaking engagements and a coach called me-out of the blue to start mentoring me- for free!!! I highly recommend this class to help get your mind focused in the right direction! So much practical info and Sandra is a great example of all she is teaching!!!
Melissa Brown International Speaker
Honestly, it's some of the BEST money I've ever spent on myself. It's something that's learned for life and can applied anywhere. Like reading is a skill, so is manifesting. That's just touching on the course. The teacher is fantastic and full of life and good energy. You can feel the love through the screen, and it's contagious! I've definitely noticed the growth in myself after taking this course, and often times I quickly catch myself if I think or say something that may not be in alignment with the things I want. It's become easier to catch myself is what I mean. It's taught me skills for life, like QUICKLY identifying resistance, and quickly realigning. The value of what I got from this course is something I will keep with me for life, and WELL worth the investment!
Liz Diaz CEO @ Organic Connections
I am so honored and blessed to have been in Sandra’s manifesting course, it truly helped me to not just dream bigger but to visualize in such a way that you create a reality you desire. I got so much value out of the manifesting course I was able to manifest a new dream member, a whole month of groceries money and just truly become happier with where I am💕 I highly recommend this course for any one looking to expand their reality.
Kassy Colp


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